Diane & Cindy have represented North Eastern Group Realty since 2009.

North Eastern Group Realty is changing the way northeastern Indiana views Real Estate...with real knowledge, proven experience, and professional, quality service.

North Eastern Group Realty has served the community since 2008 and is an outgrowth of a local development company that has been in business for more than 50 years.

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Diane & Cindy partner with Majestic Homes to offer new, custom homes in Fort Wayne, Indiana.

Majestic Homes is Fort Wayne's newest home builder offering a wide range of customizable single family homes for a variety of budgets. Their extensive list of standard features is ever growing and expanding to feature only the latest in mechanical technologies and design trends. Majestic Homes is an Indiana family owned and operated company with a goal to provide Indiana suppliers and subscontractors with reputable work, and Indiana families with comfortable homes they are proud to stand behind.